Poconos Flat Travelers Bed and Breakfast

Welcome to the only known Flat Travelers Bed and Breakfast! Located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, this B&B hosts FTs from all around the world. To make a reservation, leave a comment to any post. And if you don't know what Flat Travelers are, you're missing out! Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FlatTravelers to find out.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Preparing to welcome our first guests!

It's official! The Poconos Flat Traveler Bed and Breakfast is open for business.

Coming to stay with us during the last week of June, 2004, are guests from the following locations:

  • Hawaii, USA
  • Michigan, USA
  • Birmingham, England, UK
  • Hoor, Sweden
  • Oregon, USA

    Check back here regularly to help us welcome each guest personally--and to read about our action-packed Poconos Adventures! (Or just to see what we ate for supper.)

    If your Flat Traveler would like to make reservations for July, please leave a comment to let us know. We're happy to accommodate all your needs!

    The Poconos FT B&B is fully accessible, and welcomes guests regardless of ability. We are able to provide assistance to visually or hearing impaired guests, and assistance animals are always welcome.

    Also, we love diversity! FTs of all races, religions, ethnic groups, genders, income levels, sexual orientations, places of origin, family styles, and all other aspects of diversity are strongly encouraged to make reservations with us!

    The Staff: Kiki Kangaroo, Jinn Quon, and the Soapbox Collector


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