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Monday, July 12, 2004

Hello, Hugo, and Safe Journey Home, Malia!

The PFT B&B has had quite a bit of excitement the last few days, with Flat Barbie arriving from England, and Hugo making it in from Tokyo just this afternoon. Emil has been a bit quiet, but whenever we find a new adventure he's right in the middle of it!

In the midst of this, we're giving Malia warm hugs and helping her pack her envelope for her journey home to Hawaii. Here's what she's bringing with her:

1. 7 postcards from the area, including two with winter scenes and one with an autumn scene. She wanted the winter postcards to show the boys who sponsor her; she tells us there *is* snow in Hawaii, up high, but she was also fascinated with the images of a frozen waterfall and of people enjoying a local ski resort.

2. A Wayne County visitors' guide. The B&B is in Lackawanna County, but within an easy bicycle ride of both Wayne County and Susquehanna County, and Malia visited all three of these. The farm we explored yesterday is in Wayne County.

3. "Pennsylvania Outdoors Discovery Map: Poconos and the Northeast"

4. Northeast Pennsylvania Visitors' Guide for Scranton and All of Lackawanna County

5. From Lackawanna State Park: a recreational guide, a copy of the trail guidelines, and a menu from Poppop's Italian Food Concession.

6. Archbald Pothole State Park recreational guide

7. From the Children's Library: the July calendar, and a brochure describing the Summer Reading Club events

8. Her travel journal

9. New clothes, that kept her a bit warmer in the Pennsylvania mountains when her bikini just wasn't enough. Her new outfit is custom designed and handstitched by Kiki Kangaroo. :)

and, #10: Lots of love from her new friends in Pennsylvania! Thank you for visiting, Malia!

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