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Friday, July 02, 2004

Malia's letter home


How are you, family? I miss you! But I'm having lots of fun, too.

I'm sorry I haven't written the last couple days. We've been so busy!

Tuesday we went to the public library for a program called, "Money Talks." We thought that we were going to learn about investments and savings bonds and stuff like that. But it was about the pictures on U.S. currency instead, and about the stories the pictures tell. That still sounded interesting, but then the bank person who came to do the program was kind of boring, so we didn't like it as much as we thought we would.

On the other hand, the old buildings in downtown Scranton--like the library--are GORGEOUS! That whole area was built by the Catholic diocese, so everything looks like old stone cathedrals. I took pictures of the library, but Kiki's mom hasn't put them on the computer yet. She said something about having to reinstall software? Whatever it is, she didn't look very happy about having to do it. I'll post the pictures for you as soon as I can, OK?

We went to a homeschool group thing Wednesday in the Lackawanna State Park, where I made sooooooo many new friends! We were at a playground, down by a lake in the woods, and there were so many homeschooled kids I couldn't believe it! There were toddlers and teenagers and everybody in between. I was very popular. I think people liked hearing about my home in Hawaii.

Most of the kids there were unschoolers, like the family at the B&B. I wasn't sure if that's what we do at home or not. Do we?

After the meeting, Kiki and I went to stay at her friend HorseLover's house for the night. (That's a screen name. Her real name is in my e-mail, but it's that Internet thing again. All the names in this post are made up.) We played in the woods, and had a lot of fun. Kiki likes HorseLover's family, because they're all vegetarians like she is. Kiki's been a vegetarian for more than two years, but no one else at the B&B is. We were going to ride a horse, too, but we didn't end up getting to do that. They said "next time," but since I'm leaving on Monday I suppose I'll miss the horse.

Thursday morning I went with Kiki, HorseLover, and HorseLover's mom NatureMom to a big swimming pool at a *different* state park! I never realized how many state parks could be all in one area like this! Or how big they are! Do we have lots of state parks on our island? I think we do. Anyway, we swam all day, and then they brought Kiki and me back to the B&B.

After that, Kiki wanted to work on some of her Girl Scout stuff. She has a big book with lots of badges in it. Right now she's working on a "Car Care" badge, so we went down and did all kinds of things on the car. I learned how to check and add oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and lots more. The only thing that we could really add right now was windshield water fluid, but Kiki and I filled that tank right up! Their car takes 10W-30 oil. I also learned what all the indicators and gauges and everything mean on the dashboard. They let me run the windshield washers! We did a total safety check on the car, and I checked the turn signals and headlights.

Today is Friday. Kiki and Jinn Quon's friends came over, PonyTails (age 11) and BuzzCut (age 9). When they came, their mom ForestWalker and their little brother WoodSprite (age 5) were with them. ForestWalker talked to Kiki's mom, the Soapbox Collector, for a long time, and we all played in the backyard and upstairs. Then, the moms decided to go for a hike, and take all of us along! Wow! *Another* hike!

I was surprised, because Kiki's two moms went to work out this morning at a place called Curves. One of her moms, grrlinthemoon, had to work this afternoon, so she couldn't go on the hike, but the Soapbox Collector took us along with everyone who was visiting. We went back to Archbald Pothole State Park, and explored a whole different section of trails. I couldn't believe it--the rocks we climbed were *much* bigger than the ones in the pictures I sent! The Soapbox Collector even climbed out on a scary place that I thought looked almost completely smooth. She had to hold her arms out to the sides to hang on to the wall of rock, up above everything else. I held my breath until she made it back, but she was fine. There was an easy way around, so I can't quite figure out if she did that just for fun or if she was showing off!

Then, ForestWalker and WoodSprite went home, and PonyTails and BuzzCut stayed with us. We went back to the B&B, took grrlinthemoon to work, went back and ate lunch, then went to the car wash and washed the car. We also stopped at a garage where
Kiki interviewed a mechanic about his job. Now Kiki has earned her Car Care badge!

Then, we came back here. Now we're playing in the back yard with the Slip-and-Slide, in our bathing suits. This is fun! The yard is a steep hill, so when we set the slide up, you zing right down it!

Well, I've got to go. We're going to eat supper soon--homemade lemon pepper chicken, and rice, and spinach. Yum!!!

I love you, and I miss you. I'll be headed home on Monday. That will be a couple days more than a week, but if it's OK I really really really want to stay and go see Spider Man with everybody on Saturday? Please, may I? Pretty please? I knew you'd let me!



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