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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

New Guests at the FT B&B

What an active few days we've had here!

Saturday, as Malia and the rest of us were headed out to go see Spider Man at the movie theatre, we noticed the mail had arrived. Flat Emil, from Hoor, Sweden, made it just in the nick of time! Without even being shown his room or given time to stow his luggage, he was whisked away to the movies, where he and Malia even managed to have their picture taken with the larger-than-life Flat Spider Man!

After that, it was on to supper at Johnny Rockets, a "Flashback to the Fifties" diner with dancing servers and lots of fun. Then we walked over to the ledge where, high above Red Barons stadium, we could look down on the Scranton Philharmonic performing as a prelude to a community fireworks display. From our lofty perch, the tent housing the orchestra looked like a plaything from a dollhouse, and we spent a few minutes admiring the sunset and enjoying the music. We thought about staying for the fireworks, but everyone was getting tired, and Flat Emil in particular wanted to get settled after his long journey.

By Tuesday, Flat Barbie arrived from Birmingham, England, with her own stories of faraway places. She was happy to have arrived in time to go with Malia, Emil, and Kiki to a program at the library. The program, called "Be a River Bug," was presented by the Lackawanna River Corridor Association. (See http://www.lrca.org.)

Malia and Kiki were happy to be able to show their new friends the beautiful library building and the other architecture in downtown Scranton. Emil picked out his favorite roller blading opportunities among the city walkways, but we didn't see a single soul taking advantage of the option! We agreed that, while Jinn Quon and Kiki couldn't really roller blade here, Emil could probably get away with it if he brought skates.

Inside, Barbie was at first excited to see all the hanging decorations and fun places to explore in the Children's Library. Sometime after the presentation started, though, she realized that when this river guy said "invertebrates," he meant mostly bugs! He talked about pollution, which sounded unattractive enough--who would risk spoiling a beautiful river?--and then about all the little critters who lived in the river. Barbie huddled close to Malia and Kiki. Then, they all went to dig through river muck and examine the animals they found, even catching them in plastic spoons and putting them in special magnifying viewing boxes for a moment or two. Despite her initial aversion, Barbie slowly became fascinated, and she and the other guests had a wonderful time exploring. They even had their picture taken with Mr. Popp (who said his last name like "Pope"), who had given the presentation.

All along, we've all taken pictures. Computer problems have plagued the B & B recently, unfortunately, and we haven't yet been able to upload the new photos. As soon as possible, though, we'll share the visual record of our adventures together!

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