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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

(from Emil) Now, July 18 was *awesome*. We went to see this guy talk about alligators and lizards, with lots of live animals. After we knew how and were very careful, we got to touch some of them, too. In this picture, he's holding up a big iguana! Did you know those little iguanas in the pet store are just babies? That's right--if you take care of one of them, he'll need his own bedroom before you know it! This one is almost six feet long, and he's not fully grown yet. And oh, man--you should've seen Barbie when this thing first started! I mean, she's a great girl, and we've become friends and everything--that British accent is pretty cool. But she jumped to hide behind me when the lizards came out of their tanks! (She got over it, though. You'll see in a minute.) Posted by Hello


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