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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Flat Justin's First Letter Home

Hello, Barefoot Family!

Wow! What a time I've been having! I'm sorry I haven't managed to write sooner, though. You're not going to believe everything I've been doing! Hmmm. Maybe I should post my pictures, instead of just telling you.

Did I mention I've been taking pictures? I have! I have a brand-new camera, just my size! Apparently someone else who stayed here recently, Flat Cathy from Michigan, brought a camera, and the B&B thought it was such a good idea that they're giving cameras to all their new guests. So I've been learning photography!

Here, I'll show you:
(Keep reading the next posts, OK?)

Flat Justin

P.S. Oh, yeah, and I meant to write that I love you and I miss you. When I get home, I'll have big hugs for everyone!


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