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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

When we were downtown in Scranton, we saw the Democratic county headquarters. I asked what that was, and the Soapbox Collector tried to explain, but then she said we should just go inside and find out. I didn't remember if our family are Democrats, Republicans, or something else--or even independent--but the Soapbox Collector said that's OK. She said the headquarters office would actually look a lot the same for whatever party, except that the Republicans would have pictures of elephants and different names up on the posters. It was very interesting to go inside, actually. I don't know what I expected to see, but it was mostly some grown-up volunteers talking on telephones, and a guy working on a computer. There was a place to sit and wait, with magazines, a little bit like a dentist's office or something, except without any dentist. Then there was the place where the telephones and computers were, and then there were offices. I guess it was kind of cool to see inside and hear about. What I really liked, though, was taking this picture with my brand-new camera! These are my new friends, Jinn Quon (on the left) and Kiki Kangaroo. (That's their screen names, of course!) Posted by Hello


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