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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

You'll never guess what happened on Sept. 1! The Soapbox Collector asked Jinn Quon to go up in the attic to get a box. He came down, and said, "Mom . . . we have kittens!" They went upstairs to check, and sure enough . . . a stray cat had gotten into the attic and had her kittens in there! They were tiny, about 3-4 weeks old, but very healthy. It looked like Mama Cat had been taking good care of them, but the thing is that she's feral and doesn't live with anyone. The Soapbox Collector and Grrlinthemoon said that even if she had been able to take good care of them so far, as soon as they were moving around, she'd teach them to be afraid of people, and then they'd have trouble being pets for anyone. As feral cats, they weren't likely to live very long, but as pets they can live a long time. This family loves animals, and couldn't bear the idea of seeing these adorable kittens in a few months, run over or eaten or whatever. Also, they said that if no one took care of them, they'd have more and more and more kittens. So, we decided to bring them into the house. This one is Rugal, and he's a boy. (That's a Star Trek name. Rugal was a Cardassian boy who was left behind on Bajor, and raised by Bajorans.) I'll write more in a minute, but I have to show you more pictures! Posted by Hello


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