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Saturday, August 07, 2004

More pictures to come, but we're on our way home!

This is all four of us writing home to our families. We're very sorry we didn't leave right after the reptiles when we were supposed to, but we were so busy having fun we didn't make it to the post office! Now, though, we're about to hop in our big new envelopes and come home, with lots of stuff to show you!

Since that last picture, we've done a lot. We've been in a play, and gone to drama club, and participated in an Invention Convention, and taken a course in how to care for a horse, and seen inside a Life Flight helicopter, and visited a farmers' market, and met a farming family who's been homeschooling for more than 20 years, and . . . oh, you'll just have to wait for the new pictures!

Sadly, though, the pictures probably won't be up until we're home. The B&B computer is very old, and refuses to run the software to download from the camera. So, when the Soapbox Collector has enough pictures to fill a new CD, she'll go to the store, download them there, and bring them home to post.

Meanwhile, we want to give our strongest recommendations to the PFT B&B! We had an *awesome* time here, and they took very good care of us and are sending us home with cool new stuff. And, we've even made friends with each other!

Flat Cathy, Michigan
Flat Emil, Sweden
Flat Hugo, Tokyo
Flat Barbie, England

Here's the giant python we mentioned--wow! Posted by Hello

Here's Kiki getting up close and personal with some reptiles. She even petted the giant python in the next picture! Posted by Hello

We packed up and drove back on a Saturday, and Sunday afternoon we were already on to new adventures! Would you believe the library had *more* reptiles for us to meet? This time, it was snakes, like this big boa constrictor! Posted by Hello

Packing up, packing up . . . how sad. But it will be good to get back to the Poconos! Posted by Hello

Camping was a lot of fun, but the time finally arrived when we had to pack up to leave. In this picture, the chairs around the fire are already gone. Posted by Hello

This was what we could see from the other side of our campsite. There were cows in the field, including two very funny little calves who amused us with all their silly antics. Grrlinthemoon can moo so much like a cow, that the real cows would turn their heads to look and try to find the newcomer!  Posted by Hello

The Soapbox Collector is very clever sometimes. She designed this paper towel holder because Grrlinthemoon asked for one, and then taught Kiki how to tie the right knots and make it. It was even made so that it was easy to change the roll of paper towels, and you didn't have to take it all apart for that! (Not that we were there long enough to *need* to change the roll. I think the Soapbox Collector just likes designing things like this!) Posted by Hello

Here's Jinn Quon in our camp kitchen. You can see the creek on the right, too. Posted by Hello

And of course, as soon as she could, Kiki hopped in the water, too. (I should add that actually, plenty of time had passed, and there was no danger of flash floods. Playing in a creek *right* after a rainstorm is a bad idea!) Posted by Hello

While we were cleaning up after the rain, what did Jinn Quon and Barkley do? Go get in the creek behind our campsite, of course! Posted by Hello

We thought we'd put this picture in because you can see each of us clearly. Posted by Hello

Back at the campsite after the rain, we had to dry everything out--including ourselves! Posted by Hello

Here, you can read the name and date on the covered bridge we visited. Posted by Hello

This picture shows the hex sign on the bridge more clearly. There's an online scavenger hunt that takes you to different websites to learn about hex signs; visit http://www.ea.pvt.k12.pa.us/htm/Units/lsDevon/hexsigns01.htm to check it out. Hex signs are beautiful artwork, and are a symbol of the region.  Posted by Hello

(from Cathy) One of my favorite things to see was this covered bridge, with its hex sign on the front. You can read more about this particular bridge at http://william-king.www.drexel.edu/top/bridge/CBDreib.HTML , and about others in Berks County or elsewhere in Pennsylvania at the same site. Pennsylvania is famous for its covered bridges! But as far as I know, there aren't any in the Poconos region, where the B&B is. Posted by Hello

(from Emil) We found a machine that would press a shiny penny into a Cabela's souvenir, so we made one for each of us before we left. I'm bringing one back with me, as are Cathy, Barbie, and Hugo.  Posted by Hello

We saw many different people shopping in Cabela's. Pennsylvania's "Dutch Country" is a region settled largely by religious groups from Germany. ("Deutsch" became "Dutch" in the name; there weren't many Dutch people who settled here.) In this area, many people dress simply, in keeping with their religious beliefs.  Posted by Hello

This picture shows one of the views from the mezzanine. Posted by Hello

Jinn Quon and Kiki enjoyed looking out over the store and all the scenes below. Posted by Hello

(from Cathy) Brrr! Doesn't it make you cold just to look at this picture? Posted by Hello

(from Emil) This was kind of cool. There were real live fish swimming in this watering hole. Posted by Hello

(from Barbie) Hugo has *quite* the imagination, doesn't he? That bear wasn't roaring. His mouth wasn't even open. I liked this scene better than the last--the animals seemed to be getting along so much better. I think the bear is actually reaching for some honey or something like that. Posted by Hello

(from Hugo) ROAWRRRRRRRRRRR! Posted by Hello

(from Barbie) The scene was terribly violent, but the people who made it did a very good job, I think. It was interesting, to say the least! The pictures hardly do it justice. Posted by Hello

(from Barbie) Oh, my! Some of the scenes in the lifesize diorama were frightful! Posted by Hello